Is Weight Lifting A Good Way To Start The Year Right?

3 Top Tips For Getting Started With Weight Lifting In The New Year

As we enter January you are probably starting to finalise your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you want to lose some weight this year? Maybe you want to finally improve your fitness? If so then weight lifting can help you achieve both of your goals. In this article I discuss why taking up weight lifting is such a good New Year’s resolution and provide you with 3 top tips for starting a New Year weight lifting routine.

Why Weight Lifting?

As discussed above, weight lifting can help you hit a number of fitness goals. The most obvious benefit of weight lifting is improved strength and bigger muscles. However, it also helps you lose weight by burning body fat when you are away from the gym. A pound of muscle burns 6 calories per day whilst a pound of body fat burns just 2 calories per day. So for every pound of muscle you gain you can burn an extra 42 calories per week. In addition to this, it improves flexibility, reduces your chance of injury, prevents disease and much more.

Weight Lifting Top Tips

Whilst weight lifting is a highly beneficial activity I would recommend you follow the tips below before getting started:

1) Get Some Weight Lifting Gloves: I see quite a lot of people in the gym without weight lifting gloves and to be honest I don’t know how they do it. If I forget my weight lifting gloves for just a couple of days in a row I find the skin on the insides of my hands becomes red, rough, sore and swollen. This makes it really hard to hold dumbbells and lift weights effectively. If you are just starting out I would really recommend that you get yourself a pair of weight lifting gloves before you pick up your first dumbbell. This will help you avoid plenty of unnecessary discomfort and significantly improve your grip.

2) Make Sure You Warm Up: If you are just starting out with weight lifting then your body is not going to be used to the weights or the movements. Therefore, it is essential that you warm up. I find a good warm up is to grab a set of light dumbbells then perform a couple of sets with them before moving on to your main weight lifting exercises.

3) Go For Technique Over Weight: One of the big mistakes that new starters make when it comes to weight lifting is trying to increase the amount they can lift as quickly as possible. As a result their technique suffers, they don’t exercise their muscles properly and they significantly increase their risk of injury. If you are just starting out weight lifting you need to remember that it is a long, process. Building strength takes time and the best way to build strength is to get the technique right and exercise your muscles properly. Stick on your current weight until your technique is 100% perfect – no matter how long it takes to achieve this.

So Is Weight Lifting A Good Way To Start The Year Right?

Weight lifting is a great exercise for you to take up in the New Year. It can help you achieve a variety of fitness goals such as burning fat, building muscle, improving your strength and improving your appearance. If you are looking to improve your fitness in any way at all in the New Year I highly recommend you make weight lifting part of your routine.

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