You Already Have The Discipline To Get Fit!

Whenever a group of people discuss fitness, weight loss or getting in shape, invariably one or more will say ‘I’d love to get fit, but I just don’t have the discipline…’. You may even have used that phrase, or at least thought it yourself. But the truth is you DO already have the discipline – in fact, you’ve been building it for years!

YOU Have the self-discipline to build a fit body like this one!

YOU Have the self-discipline to build a fit body like this one! Photo © Champigny Photography.

Before you start shaking your head in disagreement, let’s look at what the term discipline refers to when it comes to getting fit, losing weight, eating right, etc. What you’re really saying is that the activity involved is one that requires sacrifice, scheduling and expending effort on tasks you really don’t want to do a lot of the time, right?

So let’s look over your life so far… How many mornings did you wake up and not want to go to school? Mornings when you hadn’t had enough sleep, didn’t have the energy to spring out of bed ready to face the day’s challenges or simply didn’t want to leave your warm, cozy and comfortable bed? Yet you still made yourself get up and go to school, right? Same with the homework – did you really want to write that essay, finish that report or study for that test? Or did you want to watch TV, play that game or spend an hour or two on the phone with boyfriends or girlfriends? Yet the schoolwork got done, at least most of the time.

Sounds a lot like the discipline you need to get to the gym and get fit, doesn’t it? Eating right and losing weight isn’t as tough as dragging yourself to school on a cold winter Monday was – and turning off the TV to go work out is no different than turning it off to study – but that workout is going to do you a lot more good than that Latin exam, right?

So then you finished school and entered the working world – how’s that working out for you? Do you love your job, miss it when you’re off for the weekend and relish all the great things you do with all that money you’re making? Simply adore every person you interact with each day – the customers, the suppliers, your co-workers and bosses? Not hardly? Then what is it that keeps you going there every day, keeps you getting up and heading in to work and has you scheduling all the rest of your life around those hours instead of during them? Your discipline!

Finally, let’s look at the ‘current’ you… Are you a sports fan? Do you set aside time each week to watch hockey, football or soccer? Do you plan your SuperBowl party well in advance, or get up at 2 or 3am to watch your favorite team in the FIFA World Cup? Maybe instead of sports you set aside the money and the time to catch the latest Louboutin shoe sale? Or to take that vacation you’ve looked forward to all year?

How is it you had the time for any of those or similar pursuits, that nothing interfered or infringed on the time or money involved? Because you used your habit of discipline to ensure you got it done with no interruptions!

So you see, you DO have the discipline to lose weight, to get fit, to hit the gym and work out regularly – and you’ve been building that ‘habit of discipline’ your entire life. Your first step to adopting a healthy mindset and start getting fit is to stop the negative re-enforcement of the lie that you don’t have the self-discipline. Give yourself the credit you deserve and combine your new healthy mindset and your self-discipline to start the year right and get in shape starting today!

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