Are You Ready For The BodyPROUD Challenge?

FAME Media Group Inc. is scouting for health and wellness Ambassadors to lead by example so as to inspire and empower others to become bodyPROUD.

Body = inner wellness, physical abilities, outward appearance.
Proud = confidence, self-esteem, loving who you are, joy in life

Ambassadors are scouted through the BodyPROUD Challenges and Showcase Events.

The Grand Prize features representation by FAME Media Group Inc. and a grand-scale endorsement contract which includes media exposure, magazine features, brand-building, video portfolios, professional photo-shoots, public speaking engagements, and life coaching.

Additional prizes, media promotions, gift packages, and contract endorsements are being awarded to others who personally captivate, inspire, and/or attract attention of the judges and prize sponsors.

Of course, the ultimate reward for participants is an overall transformation in body, mind, heart and spirit. Participants gain a new lease on life, a body they are proud to display, strength, flexibility, inner drive, health, joy, and newfound self-confidence.

Transforming from shy and insecure into a bodyPROUD natural bodybuilder, Maria Sheppard-Thompson states “Emotionally, I feel happier, more motivated and excited! I think I am more connected to other people. Physically, I feel so much stronger! I can do things and lift things with easy. I am more aware of how to maintain my fit body, to keep it in beautiful shape. I can wear fitted outfits without ever worrying about my figure, surprisingly it takes a lot of stress out of dressing for any occasion. I look in the mirror at my body and I’m happy! And overall, I am more confident in myself. It shows in my physical body, the way I walk, and how I talk.”

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