Start Weightlifting To Build Beach Bodies Now

Here at Start The Year Right we know that weightlifting and fitness are year-round pursuits for those who want to maintain a sexy beach body – and that proper nutrition, sufficient rest and weightlifting builds beach bodies best! So why is it that fitness print media only concern themselves with building beach bodies in the January to June timeframe? When we talk about starting the year right, we mean the year that starts TODAY, regardless of what the calendar says or what season it is. You don’t need permission from the fitness mags to get started on your sexy new body – start weightlifting to build beach bodies now!

Weightlifting To Build Beach Bodies

Start Weightlifting To Build Beach Bodies Today – It’s ALWAYS Beach Time Somewhere In The World, So Keep Your Sexy Beach Body Beach-Ready Year-Round!

Weightlifting To Build Beach Bodies

Serious weightlifting athletes hit the gym for serious workouts week in and week out all year round, but less dedicated participants often only hit the gym from January to May to build their beach body for the upcoming summer. Muscle and fitness magazines feature beach bodies workouts then, but what about people living in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa?

Throughout the southern hemisphere August marks the middle of their coldest weather, while December and January are their top beach months. Those living in North America, the UK or Europe are well aware of the fitness stereotypes of our southern friends – the extreme fitness athletes of New Zealand, the sun-bronzed gods of Australian surfing and the perfect butts of the Brazilian beach beauties are all common sites in the magazines and on TV. Yet few, if any, of the offline fitness media carry timely workouts for building beach bodies when they apply to the southern hemisphere athletes.

If you live in a part of the world experiencing winter in July and August then that’s when you need to start weightlifting to build beach bodies, not in January when you’re already halfway through your hot beach months. This is where the Internet becomes most useful in those countries almost ignored by the fitness magazines – great workout routines, be they weightlifting, bodybuilding, weight loss or cardio, are posted and remain available to you year-round.

Contrary to what the magazines tell you, your motivation to build beach bodies comes from YOU, not them – your desire to be healthier, to have more energy, to look great on the beach with your bigger chest, better butt or smaller waist. Obviously it’s best to stay in shape year-round through ongoing weightlifting cycles, healthy nutrition, sufficient rest, etc, but a look around any city worldwide shows us that only a small percentage of the general population is ready to stay in top shape all year.

In short, no matter where in the world you reside, the time to start weightlifting to build beach bodies is NOW, irregardless of the calendar or weather outside. If it’s three months til summer you need to start working out intensely for the coming beach season, if you have 6 months you can use the extra time to fine-tune your nutrition and workouts, and if it’s already summer where you are then seeing all the sexy eye-candy around you on the beach can help motivate you to join the fit beach body crowd by next summer.

It’s often said that ‘fitness is a journey, not a destination’, and it’s time to start your journey now by weightlifting to build your better beach body today!

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