What’s The Easiest Way To Start Getting In Shape?

3 Top Tips For Getting In Shape With Walking In The New Year

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Walking is a low intensity exercise that is perfect for people who like the outdoors. It’s pretty low intensity but a long walk can still burn through a good amount of calories. In this article I discuss why you should consider walking in the New Year and provide you with some top tips for getting started.

Why Start Walking For Fitness?

As I discussed above, walking is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. If the thought of being cooped up in a gym while you workout does not appeal then walking could be for you.

Walking is also a great exercise for people just getting started in the world of fitness. There’s nothing to learn and no fancy equipment needed. Just a good set of walking boots and you are ready to go.

Finally, the chances of injury with walking are much lower than with other forms of exercise. It’s very low impact so places very little pressure on your joints, bones and muscles. If you’ve previously experienced painful injuries when doing other sports, walking is definitely worth a try in the New Year.

Top Tips For Walking For Fitness

Whilst it is pretty easy to get started with walking, the top tips below should help improve your experience:

1) Get A Good Pair Of Walking Boots: If you are planning to take walking seriously in the New Year then you really need to invest in a decent pair of walking boots. This will stop your feet getting bruised or blistered and also protect your ankles from injury.

2) Join A Hiking Group: One of the best ways to motivate yourself to carry on walking is by joining a hiking group. A hiking group will take care of all the planning for you. All you have to do is show up and start walking. Hiking groups also give you some company along the way which is really useful on the long walks.

3) Bring A Rucksack: Walking is an all day activity so you need to make sure you come prepared. Pack a rucksack with some water, healthy snacks, waterproof clothing (in case the heavens open whilst you are out walking) and warm clothing (in case the temperature takes a turn for the worse).

Start Walking For Fitness Today!

If you are looking for a low intensity introduction to fitness in the New Year, walking could be right up your street. If you go for a short walk every day and one long hike every week you will be able to quickly build your fitness levels during the New Year and start burning some serious calories.

Walking really is the easiest way to start getting in shape – start your walking program with a short walk today & add a bit more distance every day!

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